Mhairi Scott - Felt Artist

Based in Argyll, Scotland

Find the perfect gift at Imaginarium

Browse the collection of handmade pieces made by me in my website gallery. 

Visit my Etsy shop (Link Below) to purchase one of my current pieces..

Contact me with a special request for a private commission.  You can be part of the design process.  At every stage of the making I keep in touch with you as your make evolves, sharing photographs and taking instruction from you at every stage of the process..  

All pieces are made with natural wool and are mindful of the environment.  Where other elements such as armatures or sparkly metallic fibres are used I will let you know in the product gift card and story that come with every piece made by me.

The Imaginarium is where imagination lives so please feel free to let your mind run wild and together we can bring to life some fabulous creations together!

Handmade Wet Felted Cobweb Scarves

Design your own wet felted cobweb scarf using what ever colours that you love.  There are many fibres to choose from - merino wool, mulberry silk, sari silk, wensleydale curly locks, eri silk to name but a few.  

Each colour has a different energy that offers the wearer inspiration and healing.  Each scarf comes with a gift card detailing the colour therapy aspects of the scarf.

Detailed care instructions are provided for each scarf.

Needle Felted Characters

Have one of your favourite characters or animals needle felted to your own design or buy one of my current pieces from my shop (link provided below).  All handmade using only natural wools.

There are no limits to what can be brought to life through needle felting.  I have made characters from books, film and myth.

I have made dragons and unicorns and other such magical creatures.  

All come with a gift card detailing their name and meaning behind it and the spirit energy of each creature or animal.  

Art Dolls

Find or design your very own Art doll.  All are made with a wire armature, needle felted body, wet felted clothing and accessories.  

You will find a range of dolls inspired by the natural Elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water & Spirit.  These dolls are designed with healing aspects in mind and come with crystals, herbs and wool needle felted meditation stones.  

There are no limits to the characters that may come to life in an art doll.  Mischievous elves, gnomes, fairies are only some of those who may come out to play. 

Be sure to come see me at the following craft fairs...


11th April


‚ÄčCowal Craft Forum Easter Fair

Dunoon Burgh Hall, 195 Argyll Street, Dunoon, PA23 7DD